Spring calving season is almost finished. The pasture is full of babies. Just a few more cows left to calve and then we can get ready for weening the fall babies. Ahh, that lovely sound of calves bawling for their mommas and the mommas bawling for their babies.

Last night, when David got home, we noticed a heifer with her tale up. David said she was fixin' to calve. We watched from the office window as she would lay down, get up, move around and lay back down again. She hadn't "presented" as David calls it. No water bag yet and definitely no little hooves showing. We watched for a couple hours. When she started rolling back and forth I got nervous and MADE him go out to help her. Our neighbor, and friend, Van came to help. They worked for just a few minutes and when I looked out, saw that they were coming out of the barn. They had pulled a little heifer calf from her. She was tiny but looked good. We thanked Van and went back to the house.

This morning I received a picture message from David. He had a little surprise when he went out to check on the new baby.

With David's cell phone

After we left her last night she had another baby, both heifer calves. Double the money as they say. Now for the next few weeks we'll have to supplement their milk. This new momma just doesn't have enough milk for both. Lucky for us she's accepting both of them. Now, if those last few cows would just drop their calves we can be done with spring calving and move on to fall weening!