Duncan Police were alerted on Wednesday (Oct. 29) to a school shooting threat when a Duncan High School student reported seeing threats made towards the school in a phone app known as 'Yik Yak.'

The phone app allows is users to post what they are thinking while keeping their identities hidden. The app requires no login or sign up of any kind, you just download the app and you can see what other people around your area are thinking without knowing who they are.

The status that were found on Yik Yak are as follows:

"Bring my 9 mm with me to school tomorrow. All white boys gets bullets."

"Rednecks dying first at DHS."

"Don't come to school tomorrow if you're innocent. Shooting Duncan High."

Duncan Public Schools were alerted of the threat and issued a statement on their Facebook page that they increased police pressence Thursday at Duncan High in response of the threats.

Police have arrested the individual they believe could be responsible for writing the threats. The individual is a student of Duncan High and police have requested additional search warrants to further the investigation on this student in question.