Here's a random celebrity you wouldn't expect to be buried in Oklahoma.

Mister Ed Intro

I was not alive in the 60's to watch this show, but you would occasionally see a random episode of Mister Ed on Nick at Nite or TV Land back in the day. The famous talking horse aired on CBS from 1961-1966. After the show ended, Mister Ed apparently retired to a small farm in Oklahoma to enjoy his retirement.

The Most Insane Mister Ed Moment

Looks like the beloved horse sadly passed away in 1968 and was laid to rest on a farm in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where he spent his final years. A grave marker actually sits on the farm to this day.

Mister Ed's Mural in Oklahoma

Is That the Real Mister Ed Though?

Here is where the story gets confusing. Apparently, two Mister Eds existed in the 1960's. Bamboo Harvester was the horse that was on TV. Then another horse named Pumpkin was used for publicity appearances. They were both palomino horses that looked almost identical. That way you could have Mister Ed go appear at mall in another part of the country, then keep the one Mister Ed in California filming the show.

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From what I can see, we have conflicting reports of which Mister Ed is actually buried in California. The TV one Bamboo Harvester or the publicity one called Pumpkin. Either way, it's a random piece of television history to have sitting in an Oklahoma town of just around 16,000 people.

Where is the Mural?

You can check it out at 13600 E 710 Rd Tahlequah, OK 74464. This is on private property, however the homeowner seems to be cool with people stopping by to check it out. Get more info on it here.

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