How far would you go to recover a $20 that you dropped? A Lawton Oklahoma man was stuck in an underground storm drain for 2 days after he chased a $20 bill that he dropped.

Two Lawton students were walking through the intersection of 6th and Arlington when they heard someone yelling for help. Thinking it was a friend they stopped to look around and then realized the yelling was coming from under a manhole cover in the street.  They immediately stopped and dialed 911.

According to Lawton Police Department, he was crawling around in a 42" drainage pipe trying to find the $20 when he became lost and disoriented. He suffered bumps and bruises and was suffering from dehydration. Unfortunately, he did not find his $20.

I spoke with the city of Lawton to try to find out who the man was but no name was ever released. They believed the man to be homeless. They also advised that if you lose something valuable down a storm drain, do NOT go after it. Call the City of Lawton and they will assist you.

I received a call from a concerned listener asking how they could help and since we aren't sure who the man is, my suggestion was to make a donation to a charity that helps the homeless like The Salvation Army.


Source: KSWO