I read a story on-air last week about a guy who was suing a company called Alcor Life Extension Foundation because they quote, "Chopped (his father's) head off, burned his body, put it in a box and sent it to (his) house.” He basically says they still have his dad's head "frozen in liquid nitrogen" & won't give it back. He is suing for $1 Million Dollars, an apology and of course...his father's head.

However, Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor) tells a tale of a different perspective. They say that, not only did (the dad) pay them $120K to preserve his body forever with the hopes of one day bringing him back to life; he was also a doctor who was one of the earliest scientists to make a career out of the science of Cryonics. They say the son is just in it for a money grab because he wants the dad's life insurance policy that is supposed to go to them to keep his body preserved indefinitely.

Bringing Back The Dead: The Innovation & Technology of Living Forever

There is definitely technology and research out there experimentally available, but some feel it is only being done to and for those who can afford it. There are few who will disagree with the fact that the ridiculously expensive medical & healthcare industry is already wreaking havoc on the poor & disenfranchised. So, if and when this technology becomes a "real-thing" & readily available, I'm sure a question on everyone's mind will be...will it only be available to the super-rich?

The Wealthy Immortals

First off...WTF???!!! Am I missing something? When did we get to the point where living forever was a goal that people actually wanted to achieve; or...is it a goal of only a very specific group of people? The eccentric? The sci-fi freaks? Let's say, people with billions of dollars and not enough of a lifespan to spend it, maybe?

Are we the "new" evolution of humans? The ones who have found a way to re-capture & re-experience a longer life-span similar to the biblical patriarch, Methuselah. Is there a death problem? And, if so, is it a goal of everyone to "beat death" or just a select few? Ummm...have you ever seen the movie Final Destination?

Yeah...no thanks.

"In death...there are no escapes."

A even better question is...If you could afford the procedure... Would YOU want to live forever?

Surprisingly...or not... A lot of billionaires are very interested in this "how to live forever" technology. Check out the video below:

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