It's hard to believe, but Memorial Day weekend is almost here. We're just days away. Take some time this weekend to honor and remember those servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our continued freedoms and way of life. They're the reason that we live in the greatest country in the world!

Time to get the grill ready and the meat marinated, Memorial Day weekend is coming

Grilling at summer weekend. Fresh meat preparing on grill.Shallow deep of field

One way the family and I like to celebrate and observe the day is with a big cookout. For the fair-weather griller, this will be the first big cookout of the season. For the rest of us, it's just another great weekend that we'll be cooking out, and a three-day weekend at that. Personally, I don't care what Mother Nature's up to. I'll light the grill in the rain, snow, day, night, good or bad weather. There's never a bad time to fire up the grill.

Watch the video below for some great grilling tips & tricks

We've been meticulously planning for the past several weeks exactly what we'll be grilling and doing this Memorial Day weekend. It will start with lunch and this year's menu includes hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, and all kinds of fried potatoes. We'll have everything from steak fries to tatter tots. Then steaks for dinner.

July 4th & Memorial Day weekend are the biggest grilling days in the U.S.


So what are you planning on grilling this Memorial Day weekend? Take the poll below, you can select as many choices as you'd like. Or click "Other" and fill in what you're grilling this weekend. Whatever your plans are, whoever you're with, I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Let's just remember that it wouldn't be possible if it weren't for those who sweat, bled, and died to keep the American dream alive.

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