There is no better feeling than a student winning a grade school spelling bee contest! I should know because back in 4th grade I won the spelling bee contest at South Park Elementary. I got an awesome trophy spelling  the word ' vegetable' correctly. But 9-years-old Skylar Johnson from Boca Raton, FL got a far better prize for spelling the word 'Sergeant'.

Johnson has not seen her father Staff Sgt. Therron Johnson since he left on tour in Iraq  last Christmas, but on Friday Skylar was in a spelling bee contest and she was asked to spell the word 'Sergeant' during the spelling bee contest.

While  Skylar was in the middle of  spelling ' Sergeant' the principal asked if she knows any sergeants.  Skyler answered "my dad,"  and that is when the curtain opened behind her and there stood her father  Staff Sgt. Johnson. Skylar will get to enjoy 9 days with her dad before he leaves to head back to Iraq.

I can only image the heartache these military families go through being apart from their loved ones, and my heart goes out to them.

Check out this extremely heartwarming video of the reunion of father and daughter.