If you and I have ever talked politics, odds are, no matter to which side you lean, you've probably told me I lean too far the other way. I'm a moderate person right up the middle on just about every topic. They used to call it being "libertarian" before someone slapped a capital L on it and made it an outright party, so I guess I'm one the few that doesn't declare a party in most conversations. I figuratively sit on the political fence. I only share this with you because when it comes to politics, party lines or not, no topic is above being called stupid when the word applies... which is most politics, here's why.

If you missed the headline, Colorado's Governor declared March 20th as a "Meat Free Holiday." A day to not eat meat. Given the political landscape and makeup of voters and their various lifestyles, it was a declaration that fit that particular state. Did it mean that people "couldn't" eat meat? Of course not. Was it a waste of taxpayer money coming up with the meat-less holiday? Absolutely... but that's for Colorado voters to decide. Living in Oklahoma, the right opinion to have about it is no opinion... but that's just not our style.

We live in a world so politically deviant, we can't read a neighboring states cutesy little vegan holiday without political leaders telling us to take it personally. As if some smoke-blowing hippies choice to not eat meat for a day somehow threatens us all in Oklahoma. So our Oklahoma legislature decided to take action the only way they know how, by wasting taxpayer money writing up a retort in the form of OK House Concurrent Resolution 1002.

OK HCR 1002 encourages Oklahoman's to consume meat and poultry because it's good.

Yep. We wasted a day of legislation on that resolution. This entire week, starting yesterday March 22nd, all Oklahoma are encouraged to eat up that protein so the commies out in Colorado don't win whatever war they've created. Ironically, wasting equally as much taxpayer money for some of that feel good, base stirring official paperwork.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still eat meat most likely every day... but it's not because some politicians spent my money to tell me to, it's because I would have anyway. Why do we continue to elect these people to office? I say we grassroots a movement to be the first state to elect a bunch of dogs to the state congressional houses. It could be done. That way, instead of talking about the stupidity of these paper tigers, we can all start agreeing on who's a good boy.

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