All of the meteorologists keep talking about how Summer 2023 is mildly hotter than Summer 2022 was, but I'm having a hard time believing it.

I scroll through the memories section on my social media and this time last year we were consistently well above 110 degrees. I'm not sure we've had more than one day that hot so far this summer in my portion of Southwest Oklahoma.

Regardless, it has still been pretty dang hot so far this summer, but as the steady rains introduce humidity, I think the fact we're remaining green makes up for it. Still, I think most people are looking forward to the cool breezes of fall.

While it's hard to base faith in accuracy on a forecast that changes hourly throughout most days, the latest extended forecast is a bleak one for Southwest Oklahoma.

It's going to be at or above 100 for the next couple of weeks.

Here's the next week. It's just hot and predicted dry.

As far out as the world of meteorology can faithfully predict, it's still going to be at or around 100 degrees headed into September... which is pretty normal for a hot year.

Labor Day will come and go. Oklahomans will get their last hurrah at the lake under a baking sun, and as football becomes the focus of the majority, Oklahoma will start to wonder when it'll start feeling like football weather outside.

Best case scenario, 50/50 on fall weather.

If you've lived in Oklahoma long enough, you can probably remember at least one magical year when the cool north breeze came sweeping down the plains early and gave us all a reason to sport a hoodie with our normal fall shorts and sandals weather.

All the same, I can remember taking my nephew trick-or-treating on a 99-degree Halloween evening. There's no telling what the weather will actually do, but if the lingering summer is any indication, I wouldn't assume it's going to end anytime soon.

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