Today kicks off the second week for immense severe weather in Oklahoma. Last week, Oklahoma had over a dozen tornados in a two day span, saw towns leveled and strange, uncharacteristic behaviors in tornados that could've caused an incredible amount of damage.

When it comes to how weather is reported in Oklahoma, generally most reporters are on the same page; however, on days like today, when weather is predictably unpredictable, some people are saying things are not syncing.

According to the Center for Risk and Crisis Management, Oklahomans rely most for weather reporting from:

  1. Local TV News
  2. Friends, Family and Colleagues
  3. Non-government websites (i.e.

What matters most to Oklahomans is how trustworthy the information is they're getting from their source.

Canva/David Payne Facebook
Canva/David Payne Facebook

Many times, our trust stays with those who get it right time and time again, versus those who tend not to meet the mark when its most needed.

Canva/Oklahoma Weather Network Public Group
Canva/Oklahoma Weather Network Public Group

Recently, Oklahomans have been wondering about how the information has been presented to them - some vital information that could change lives.


Regardless of your source, Oklahomans should have access to reliable reporting that may not require internet or phone service. As David Payne says, "don't be scared, just have a plan in place." Early preparation gives everyone time to look at multiple sources and make your own decisions about you and your loved ones safety.

Here are a few widely used pages and websites to help prepare for what to expect for tonight's weather:

US National Weather Service Norman

Oklahoma Weather Warriors

4 State News and Weather.

The Weather Channel

ACCU Weather

Stay safe - and May the odds be ever in your favor, Oklahoma.

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