By: Robert King

It was announced a few weeks back that ABC's fairytale drama would end after it's seventh season. The ending was not unexpected, as some fans thought that it should have ended with season six, after most of the main cast departed from the series.

Lead actress Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) decided to leave after her contract expired after six years. She didn't want to be tied down with another contract, and she was ready to move on to a new phase of her career.

Morrison's on-screen parents, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Prince Charming decided to part ways also. The two became a couple in real life after they met on the show.

The final episode of season six was completed before it was announced whether or not ABC would renew the series. In that episode many series-long plot lines are completed, leaving fans ready to depart if the show did not get renewed.

Along with many story lines closing, the crew decided to add a teaser to the end of the episode to set up the possible next season. This one segment simply brought the show back to it's core and set up the story line for a new beginning.

Many fans were unsure of this new path. A lot thought that it was another re-do which would lead to another big curse. Every new season or half season typically brings some type of mind-wiping curse with it.

Not only did some fans think it was the same story all over again, some people were not interested in the show without it's main cast, especially without Emma Swan.

As for me, the teaser totally got me into the seventh season. At least I told myself that I would watch two episodes before deciding to quit or not. Since OUAT is the only show I actively watch on tv, I decided to watch it anyways. I personally adore this show and would never grow tired of it.

My only hope is that they can bring the entire main cast back for a grand finale. But I don't know if my feelings would cope.

The B-side of Once Upon a Time's seventh season will begin airing Friday, March 2nd at 8 pm CST on ABC. I'll probably be posting more about the show, especially about the series finale.

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