Hang on, Oklahoma gets to try this out before anyone else?! Super cool.

New Oreo Pie Being Tested Out at McDonald's

So people have begun seeing this Oreo Pie at select McDonald's throughout the country. In doing some research, the pie is only available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now one of those is not like the others, if we're being honest with each other. So what's going on in Tulsa?

Bama Pie

Turns out the Tulsa based Bama Pies has been making McDonald's pies for decades. Since they got the rights to start producing the new item, it looks like local McDonald's locations in the area get to start distributing them out. The plan is for the pie to go nationwide at the end of the week on July 14.

Technically Not Oreo, But Come On!

Here is what is confusing to me, McDonald's has the rights to the Oreo brand since they make Oreo McFlurrys. So why not call this an Oreo Pie? It's technically a Cookies and Cream pie. This may be due to the fact that Burger King has an Oreo cheesecake item. Damn you, King! If you want cookies and cream overload, get a pie and dunk it in an Oreo McFlurry.

Fun Fact, Bama Pie Started in Dallas, Texas

According to the company's website, it began in the kitchen of Cornelia Alabama Marshall back in the early 1920s. In those days, Grandma Bama baked sweet potato pies and sold them at the drugstore fountain in Dallas, Texas. It looks like one of her sons kept mom's name for the business and moved it to Tulsa back in 1935.

So whenever you eat one of those delicious apple pies at McDonald's, it probably came from Bama Pies.

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