Portions of the Sooner State are preparing for what could be a a start of a winter mess. Forecasters have indicated the first round will start on Saturday night and wrap up on Sunday evening. Varied amounts of snow fall are predicted, depending on where you live. 

As with any weather in Oklahoma, you must be ready for changes. It can go from one extreme to another in short period of time. This last week, thousands of American's on the Gulf Coast to the Carolina's found themselves in a winter mess and for the most part, unprepared.

Do you have the necessary items to get you through a storm in case you cannot get out? Milk, bread, food that can be eaten if the power goes out. What about your car? Do you have items inside in the event you get caught in a storm and get stranded? Basic items like a flashlight with extra batteries, cell phone charger, blanket, water, snacks like crackers. Also, kitty litter in the trunk to help with traction. Ice scraper and de-icer are essential. If possible, fill car up before storm hits.

Planning is always paramount. If you have to get out in the storm for whatever reason, give yourself plenty of time. Roads may or may not have been plowed or salted. Drive slower on the snow. If you slide, turn into the slide. Be patient. If you do wind up in an accident or off the road, help will come, it just may take a while longer.

Always keep an eye on the ever changing Oklahoma weather. It could, as in the past not do anything or go the opposite and really deal us a blow.