David and I traveled down the Talimena Scenic Byway this past weekend. If you have not taken the drive we HIGHLY recommend it. (I will post photos from our trip shortly!) A friend of David's told him about a restored Studebaker dealership in Mena that we just had to see. I was the embarrassed owner of a 1957 Studebaker my senior year of high school. I hated that car but what I wouldn't give today to have it back! We found the building and you won't believe what we found inside!

Constructed in 1948, this Studebaker dealership is a classic example of Art Moderne Architecture. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it is located on Port Arthur St. in downtown Mena, AR. The showroom and shop are filled with pristinely restored antique cars,motorcycles and auto memorabilia. A mint Studebaker Avanti can be seen in the window. The owner has also restored an Esso station, just north of this building.

We were thrilled when he noticed us putting nose prints on his windows and invited us inside to take a look around! He gave me permission to take photos and to post them. He explained that the building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was one of twelve that he had designed. He wasn't sure if the other 11 were still standing or not.

As we were leaving we thanked him for this thrilling adventure and he said he needed to go get the window cleaner and paper towels to get our nose prints off the windows.

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