Hard to believe it but it is time to find the best food at the fair. 

And we look no further than the West Coast in San Diego. They are having their fair through July 4th. So if you are interested,  loosen your belt and get ready to indulge in this treat.

Sloppy Joe's are not new to the fair or our dinner table. As long as I can remember, I have had them at least once or twice a month. My kids love them as well.  But,  I thought I had seen it all until Chicken Charlies unveiled what it has at the fair this year.

They have taken the "Holy Grail" of all donuts the Krispy Kreme and made it the bun for the Sloppy Joe. The sandwich has the usual meat and sauce and cheese added between the sweet delectable bun.

But if you want one you will have to travel to the fair to get it. Do not look for it to be on the menu at Krispy Kreme now or probably never. I personally would enjoy this. Nancy, well not so much.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Two of my favorites together. A food marathon at last.

Would you try it take the poll and let us know.