Late August into early September. The summer months have been long and hot. Everybody is usually getting ready for harvest of the late summer goods. This summer has been the exception.

Then today we hear of earthquakes rattling the East Coast and they are also looking at a major Hurricane hitting somewhere close to Wilmington North Carolina by Saturday afternoon then skirting on to Virginia by Sunday morning. Shaking from beneath the ground today, from the winds of Irene by Sunday.

But here in SW Oklahoma, we are just hot and dry from the lack of rain. But that will not stop hundreds of people young and old alike to attend the county fairs which open up this week and next. FFA members and 4H club members will be showing off their animals and their other talents that they have been working on so hard for the last year and they only have a 4 day event to do a such.

I always look forward to checking out the food section to see who has the best canned foods like jams and jellies, pickles, Okra and then pies. Oh yeah. Pies out the wazoo. Normally after the judging, they'll slice 'em up for a buck. Hard to decide between Pecan and Chocolate. Or both. Washing it down with a tall glass of sweet tea.

Over to the exhibit hall i must go to see the latest gadgets that are being tested for the farmers of tomorrow. Important so I can see first hand how my food is going to be planted, grown and harvested before I get to see it on my plate at the dinner table.

Hey how did I wind up in the pie room again. Well that is another 3 bucks that will be well spent.

Of course no trip to the fair is complete without hitting the midway. Rides and games of skill and chance. Spending $20 to $30 to win that one stuffed animal you could get at the dollar store and will wind up in next years garage sale. Oh look. More fair food. Elephant ears, cotton candy, popcorn. My kids want to stuff me then get me on an upside down ride. Should I chance it?

Take time. Get out to your county fair. Forget about everything for a few hours and enjoy some old fashioned, fun. You might be surprised how much better you feel about things and might also see them in a different light afterwards.

So I told you my favorite part. What is yours?