Guys we have all been in relationships with girls that we think are without a doubt perfect for us. Then after it all goes south and the craziness is over with - we look back and see all the signs that these women were without a doubt wrong for us and well certifiably crazy and beyond jealous. This post all comes from my personal experiences while dating and trying to find Miss Right! Ladies I am begging you don't be the girl I am about to describe.

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    She calls you close to 20 times a day.

    She's constantly calling and checking up on you to find what you're doing, who you're with and how your day is going. Your cell phone is no longer a cell phone it has become her monitoring device on your whereabouts. You might as well be wearing an ankle monitor. And Lord forbid you happen to be busy at work because if you happen to not answer one of her calls, she'll keep calling and calling until you pick up, and then drill you with 20 questions about why your not answering her calls.

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    She's been in numerous bad relationships

    When you have been dating someone for a while and getting to know them a little better more than likely she'll open up to you about her past relationships and what went wrong with them. If she claims that her 10 past boyfriends all were the problem and the reason why they broke up , and every story ends with 'he ended up getting a restraining order against me' then RUN!

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    She hijacks your family and friends

    She's gotten in good with your family and friends. It starts with her going shopping with your mother, or going out with your friends if you are busy with something else and before you know it she has turned them against you whenever there is a fight or and argument they are on her side and tell you how wrong you are in the situation. And in the end it will be harder to dump her because she'll have your loved ones and friends in the palm of her hand.

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    She snoops around in your personal stuff

    Nothing makes me mad more than an invasion of my privacy, and to make matters worse she confronts you about whatever it is she thinks she's dug up. It can even go as far as her searching your emails, monitoring your phone and voice messages without your knowledge.

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    She freaks out over other women talking to you

    A little jealousy can be cute and let you know that she really likes you. If you are talking to another woman and you are only weeks or maybe a month or two into the relationship and she freaks out with an elbow nudges or pinch of your arm to let you know she isn't happy then that is severe jealousy and that isn't healthy. She might even goes as far as demanding that you stop hanging out or communicating with your female friends. This sort of jealousy is an example of serious insecurity and can get scary in a hurry.