It’s true teachers come in all forms. But, upon further discovery, you find that there are a chosen few who rise above and decide very early on to make educating our children their life’s work. They put in long hours, often times spending extended periods away from their own families and are often underpaid and underappreciated. And yet; they still make it their life's work to go to school every day and continue to be a huge source of encouragement and inspiration not only to the children they teach, but to the families of these children as well.

That's why we at Townsquare Media feel that this Subway Teacher of the Week promotion is so vitally important. 

We know that it takes more than just good food to nourish a strong people and build a vibrant community. It starts with taking care of people...   ~ Subway

By partnering with Subway; whose social responsibility motto is: "Our People, Our Community," we've become a conduit for the citizens of this community to express their appreciation and gratitude to our local teachers for all the astonishing sacrifices they make for our children.

We'd like to extend a huge congratulations to our very first winner of the Subway Teacher of the Week promotion, Coach Justin Mansel from Tomlinson Middle School. Some may call you a teacher, but we prefer the term Educational Rockstar! Keep up the great work!

Here are a few kind words of appreciation that the person you were nominated by wrote when speaking of you.

Tell us a little bit about why this teacher deserves to be recognized:

Coach Mansel thoroughly enjoys teaching his students the importance of healthy eating and exercise, as well as developing a knowledge of bones, muscles, and organs that aid in movement. He loves each and every one of his students and sets a new standard for teaching physical education. He deserves to be recognized for his passion.


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