First, let me state the obvious... this might just be the ultimate 'First World Problem.'

I was working in the shop last night and needed to sharpen my pencil. A few years ago, I bought the most expensive sharpener that Walmart had on their shelves thinking "What's in a sharpener?" Turns out, pure crap. That thing mangles any instrument of creativity harder than a number two. Even then, the number twos come out fuzzy because the blades aren't sharp anymore. It's only been three years of really light duty! So I started looking for a better sharpener online and discovered if you don't have an old one, you're SOL.

This guy talks about sharpeners like most hipsters talk about beer and wine. He's fanatical about sharpeners. To his credit, the equipment of my youth was ridiculously more robust than anything being produced today.

Lets compare this common issue to video games.

I haven't turned on my Xbox for about 6 years. Literally, haven't played GTA:V, CoD, etc since before Rocklahoma 2014... If I were to turn it on this very minute, I am positive I would dive into a seemingly endless stream of updates. Important functionality patches for both the hard drive, operating system, user interface, and various mandatory add-ons for any game I stick in the tray.

Compare that nightmare of 'First World Shenanigans' to the time tested Nintendo NES.

I can hook it up to my tv, blow on the cartridge, and start playing instantly. I know this is true, for I Super Mario and Duck Hunt last weekend.

This is even true for the unstoppable Playstation 2. Hook it up, pop in a game, start playing.

No updates. No hassles. Instant gratification.

How is it, that in a world filled with such technology, I get faster results in the technology of days past, than with the latest and greatest?

Skynet will happen.