Now that the weather is warmer, more and more people are getting out and enjoying the weather and getting some exercise or even getting out and working in the yard. And after that exercise or after planting that garden you wake up the next morning and you are stiff and sore, here are 5 foods that you can eat that will help your tired and sore muscles recover faster.

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    Whole Grain Cereal

    Many people eat carbs before they exercise, which is a smart thing to do to help you get a good workout, but many people don't know you should also consume them after exercise as well. Carbohydrates before and after exercise will help your body fight the fatigue that it feels after exercise. Any snack with carbohydrates will do but whole grains are always the best choice. Some cereals with whole grain goodness are Cheerios and Special K to name a few.

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    When exercising or working out, we inflame our muscles and cherries are a great fruit snack to help with recovery. Cherries contain many anti-inflammatory properties, which are really important for relieving muscle soreness. Instead of downing some ibuprofen or Advil after exercise, try some fresh cherries or cherry juice instead.

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    Another great snack after exercise or a great work out is Nuts, Walnuts, almonds, whatever kind of nuts you want will aide in the recovery process. nuts are very high in Vitamin E which helps with muscle strengthening powers which will help fight the muscle soreness.Vitamin E also helps repair the damage that was done to the muscle tissue while exercising or working out.

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    One of the most famous scenes on movie history is Rocky Balboa drinking raw eggs before going on his legendary run through the streets of Philadelphia. Eggs are high in protein and Vitamin D and both of these will help fight the muscle soreness you feel after exercise or working out.

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    Earlier in our top 5 we talked about cherries helping in the recovery process but berries are also a good way to prevent soreness after exercise. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all contain antioxidants, It's these antioxidants that protect your cells against damage. Berries are a healthy and delicious snack, and you can even throw them into your protein shake for an added recovery bonus.

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