This video is going around Facebook and is getting a lot of attention.  A police officer stops a pedestrian that is openly carrying a pistol.  The officer asks the man for his identification and the citizen refuses and asks what he is being detained for. 

The officer said they were receiving numerous calls about a man carrying a gun walking down the street.  The citizen refuses to give the officer his identification and begins to quote some court cases about why he doesn't have to.  Here is the video:

I think the guy is being a jerk and should just produce his identification and his open carry permit and be on his way, but instead he has to be a jerk and act like he's better than the police officer. We are becoming a society that has absolutely no respect for authority.

What do you think?  Was the citizen correct in refusing to produce his identification? Did the officer have the right to ask for his identification? Would you want to know that he was legally authorized to carry a weapon?

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