What are you going to do with your tax refund check? According to a poll, 74% said they will save the money or pay a big bill. 

Experts seem to concur that although people have the intention of saving the money, 74% is much higher a number than those that actually do save their refund.

... We've got a few extra days to file our taxes this year. The traditional tax return filing deadline is April 15, but the IRS has approved April 18 this year.

 The change comes because a weekend and a District of Columbia holiday stand in the way of the usual April 15 deadline. This year, the nation's capital will celebrate Emancipation Day on Friday the 15th.

Normally that holiday falls on April 16, the anniversary of the day Abraham Lincoln signed an act freeing several thousand slaves in the District of Columbia, in 1862. Then comes the weekend.

Then on Monday income taxes for 2010 are due, whether they're sent by mail or electronic means.

So have you already received your refund?  Is it spent?  Or if you have not received it yet, how many ways have you spent it in your mind?

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