You do it, I do it and will continue to do so. In fact every one has done it once or more. We all hit the snooze button on our alarm clock. 

In fact we just do not understand the 9 minutes. We discussed this yesterday and Nancy and I felt it necessary for me to solve a great mystery of life. 'Why 9? Why not 10 or 8 ?

So I dug into research mode and found several explanations. All seemed to come full circle to this. Modern alarm clocks came into existence around 1950. It was around the same time that the snooze feature was added to the clocks.

But as with any invention there was a snag. The mechanics of the alarm clocks had all been standardized. In other words, the gears on the snooze had to match up with the other gears in the clock configuration. Engineers who were designing the clocks had to make a choice. Set the snooze for either a little more than nine minutes, or a little more than 10 minutes.

They found out that 10 minutes was too long. Reports showed people were able to fall back into a 'deep' sleep. Because of this research, clockmakers decided on the nine-minute gear, believing people would wake up easier and happier after a shorter snooze.

Newer clocks of today, including the ones on your smart device, can be programmed to have a snooze of any length. Majority of clocks purchased at the store or online continue with the 20th century ideology of nine minutes because that's what consumers expect.

Do you like the nine minute snooze? How many times do you hit the snooze before you finally get up?





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