Here's another delicious place to add on your Oklahoma travel list! The Amish Cheese House in Chouteau, Oklahoma, is a family-owned eatery with a deli, cafe and bakery filled with yummy cheeses, breads, sweet treats and more.

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The Amish Cheese House was established in 2000 by a family with backgrounds in Mennonite and Amish communities. The Amish Cheese House has so much to offer. You can get fresh shaved meat and various cheeses at the deli. If you're there during the lunch hour, you can get scrumptious sandwiches and salads made with the fresh deli meat and cheeses and homemade breads.

After a trip to the deli and the cafe, it's time for a sweet treat! You can head over to the bakery from homemade desserts and ice cream.

And it wouldn't be a complete trip without taking some goodies home! The Amish Cheese House has tons of yummy items you can take home, like cookies, cheese curds and so much more. There's also some great gift items! There's even homemade jams, local honey and Oklahoma made seasonings.

Most Oklahomans that live in the northern part of Oklahoma are familiar with the Amish Cheese House, but some of us in southern Oklahoma have had the opportunity to visit! It's definitely on my Oklahoma travel list now. One Oklahoma TikToker has been going to the Amish Cheese House their whole life and gave a great breakdown of how to have the best trip to the Amish Cheese House. Check it out below!

@maryledbetter9 I have been coming to the Amish Cheese House for as long as I can remember! Here’s my favorites: * Honey Oat Bread * Purple Cow Ice Cream * Cheese Curds * Chicken Noodle Soup * Chocolate Whoopie Pie (might now be called a Whoopie pie but looks like one) * Pickles In Refrigerated Section #amishcheesehouse #chouteauoklahoma #oklahomaeats #oklahomafood #smalltown #homemadebread ♬ original sound - Mary Hatheway

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