It seems that every time I take a little vacation, the people around me spend most of their time telling me things like "Take it easy" or "Why don't you sit down and relax for a little while." I don't know about you, but, sitting around relaxing is the most stressful thing in the world. I cannot stand to sit still for extended periods of time. I'm just not built for it. I'm the busy hands type person.

When I go back to the family home for a few days, I usually load up a truck full of tools and a notebook of projects I finally have the time to focus on. For instance, last week on my vacation, I brought and installed a new bigger tv for my parents living room to replace the one going out. I built a massive five by six-ish foot picture frame to hold a poster for my parents preacher dude. I rebuilt the motor in my nephews dirt bike which took longer than expected because you can't really trust the descriptions on Amazon for parts anymore. On the last day, I built some floating shelves on the spur of the moment for our middle sibling just because we had a day where nobody could think of anything to do over breakfast. It's her xmas present six months in advance, and it'll suck giving her a picture as a reminder in December, but it made my day go by with a sense of purpose. I still took one day to spend in the pool with the kiddos and "relax" as they say. The sunburn is still taking it's payment for fun six days later. Is this not how all vacations go for people?

Perhaps it's the fact that I have a sort of cushy job. Both Critter and I tend to enjoy the manual hard work as relaxation at the end of another routine day wasted looking at a computer screen. Maybe it's the people that do that hard work for work that end up passing their off-time relaxing and such. I've had vacations like that too. I once fell asleep on Waikiki beach for six hours. The sunglass tan lines were epic... but after a day of that planned nothingness, I'm the type that has to do something. We opted for four wheelers in the high country and shark diving the next morning. After a whole day lounging on the beach, a little busy fun was exactly what everyone needed.

So, when you take vacation, what do you end up doing? Do you waste your days away doing nothing as planned? Or do you get busy and take full advantage of the time you've earned away from work?

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