If you've ever taken the turnpike through Chickasha, odds are you've seen this place. Right on the Southern side of the city, on the East side of the road, there's a massive sprawling area filled with vintage oil, gas, and automobile signs. They even have a circus sign out front too, but we're talking man stuff right now.

For years, I've always heard about the guy that hoards all the good oil and gas signs in Chickasha. I drove past his collection all the time traveling home and hitting concerts in OKC. I also collect oil and gas stuff, so the idea of walking around just looking at his wares was always in the back of my mind. Now I've come to learn, you can.

It's billed as the Muscle Car Ranch on the Southside of Chickasha. A place where people are welcome to explore. Checking out all of the vintage signs, cars, and even structures. Sprawling across 62 acres of prime turnpike frontage land, it's the perfect place to catch attention on the way into town from the South... Not so much if you're coming from the other direction. The first legal turnaround is the exit at Cyril... but if you spend enough time driving the turnpike, you know people swing around through the illegal median crossings all the time.

If you do get the chance, you might stop in there sometime. After all, what else do you have to do. Also, if you come across any Conoco signs in your travels, hit me up. I'm always looking for that brand.

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