A woman in Charleston, West Virginia is being hailed a hero after she stopped a mass shooting. She was lawfully carrying a firearm and when a gunman appeared and began shooting into a crowd she shot and killed him saving the lives of all those who were present. The only injury or fatality reported was the gunman.

I heard about the shooting earlier this morning from Fox 23 KOKI-TV in Tulsa, OK. Unlike all the other news outlets that refuse to report or bury any story that contains the successful use of firearms in self-defense by an armed private citizen. For whatever reason most news outlets want to downplay any such stories.

Most media prefer instead to ignore the facts and pretend that everyday citizens who carry firearms are a liability and dangerous. A BIG THANKS to Fox 23 for reporting on this, click here to read the article. Like the old saying goes "When seconds count, cops are minutes away." By being armed she was able to not only defend herself but everyone around her as well and that included children. This lady deserves a medal!

According to the official police report, the gunman was told earlier that evening to stop speeding through the area because kids were present. A graduation slash birthday party was taking place at the apartment complex. He returned with an AR-15 rifle and began firing shooting into the crowd. That's when this lady drew her firearm, shot, and killed him. Luckily no one other than the gunman was hit or injured during the shooting.

Defensive use of a firearm occurs all the time, but we rarely hear about it. Again it's deliberately ignored by those with a hostile view towards armed citizens and the carrying of firearms for self-defense. However, it's been proven again and again that armed citizens make us safer and are more than capable of defending themselves and others. As a matter of fact, firearms are used far more often for recreational and defensive use versus criminal use. This recent self-defense shooting is just another example of this actual truth.

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