Last week, in the regular season ending poll, Boston Red Sox secondbaseman Dustin Perdroia robbed Cleveland Indian Abraham Almonte of a bunt single with a terrific show of glovesmanship, taking home the final Play of the Week.

Each week, we have been giving you the “best of the best” plays from the previous week in Major League baseball, giving you the opportunity to vote on our “Play of the Week". This week will feature the top plays from the first 13 weeks of the MLB season.

With the regular season at an end, we have compiled our list of winners, taken the ones that received the most votes, and will now have a two week "playoff" of these top winners. If any incredible plays occur during the playoffs, we will be sure to include them also for consideration in our playoff voting.

An honorable mention must be given to our top season vote getter, week 11 winner the Philly Squirrel. I have decided to disqualified the squirrel do to the fact that all other players in our poll were forced to were cleats while the squirrel was barefooted, an obvious advantage for our four legged friend.

So now enjoy the top plays from this season, and vote for your favorite!

  • Week 3 - Alex Gordon - Kansas City Royals

  • Week 5 - Neil Walker & Josh Harriston - Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Week 6 - Adom Eaton, Alexi Ramirez, Jose Abreau, Gordon Beckham & Geovanny Soto - Chicago White Sox

  • Week 9 - Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies

  • Week 10 - Carlos Gonzalez - Colorado Rockies

  • Week 12 - Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays