Just after one whole year has past since Oklahoma retreated into self-isolation, shutdowns and social distancing, the Sooner State is opening Phase 4 of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout officially March 29th. This means anyone and everyone wanting to be vaccinated will be eligible to do so. Prior, it was only open to people who qualified based on profession, exposure and personal health risks... and yet the same question still remains, will you opt to be vaccinated?

As the vaccines started rolling out late last year, the internet was full of all sorts of misinformation. Bill Gates is implanting microchips, it's a government tracker program, Pfizer will technically "own" your body, it's a 5G implanted antenna, Fauci owns the vaccine company and just wants to make billions off his fake flu... Honestly, there were some real whoppers out there online. I think everyone has probably been involved in one argument or another, so lets not start a new one rehashing everything as if we're all amateur medical professionals.

Ultimately, it's your body, your choice. I think anyone that wants to be vaccinated should get vaccinated. Anybody that chooses not to shouldn't be forced to. This is how the process of natural selection is supposed to play out, without politics or forced results. Personally, I opted for vaccination when they opened it up to my industry. I got mine at Sam's Club while shopping my groceries in their app. It was a two-fer time saver. All the same, the rest of my immediate family are choosing not to be vaccinated against the rona, and that's their choice... but I'm not sure they're looking with clear hindsight being stubborn has already effected our family. I won't judge and I'm comfortable enough hearing their complaints that I opted for it even though the drug company will technically "own" my body. Craziness.

If you'd like to get your Covid-19 vaccine, here's where you start the process. If you're like me and put weight on the effectiveness of each available vaccine, medical professionals still say the best one for you is the one you can get. Still, especially in Lawton, you have options between most of them whether you want the single or two-shot versions. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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