Even though people tend to refer to hot dogs as the one purely American food, it's actually the classic burger. Why? Because it was invented in America and it has since taken the world by storm.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a country without its own spin on an American burger--granted, some countries replace the beef with other proteins, but it's still a burger.

The burger's origins are also filled with mystery, but it's attributed to being a fair food in the late 1800s when a vendor ran out of sausage and opted instead to use ground beef in his popular sausage sandwiches. At that moment, the burger was born.

Shockingly, the cheeseburger didn't come along until the 1920s when a kid working in a California sandwich shop tossed a slice on a burger... the rest is history.

America celebrates National Burger Day on September 18th each year, but some burger chains opt instead to celebrate it long after the day is gone. Here are the best deals you'll find around Lawton, Oklahoma.


McD's is offering their double cheeseburgers for only 50¢ today when you order through the app, but it's important to distinguish that you can only order exactly one 50¢ cheeseburger... the rest are regular menu price.

Dairy Queen

Get a free cheeseburger with any $1 purchase.


If you love that classic Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, you can get one for a penny when you order anything else... i.e.- buy anything, get a JBC for one cent. It's limited per order, but the deal goes through Friday, September 22.

Burger King

BK is celebrating National Cheeseburger Day all week. Here's the rundown on the deals.

  • 9-18: Free cheeseburger with any purchase of at least $1
  • 9-19: Free Whopper Jr with any $1 purchase
  • 9-20: Get a Whopper for just $3
  • 9-21: Boy One-Get One Whopper
  • 9-22: Free onion rings with any $1 purchase
  • 9-23: Family Bundle-3 Whoppers, 3 cheeseburgers, 3 fries for $22... it was only $14 for this deal in 2021.
  • 9-24: 2x Crown Rewards Points on in-app purchases.

If you haven't made plans for lunch yet, have a cheeseburger.

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