Safety first! A Kentucky police officer accidentally shoots himself in the stomach in an elevator. Officer Darryl Jouett was off duty when the accident occurred. He and his wife were headed to his car in the parking garage. They took the elevator and when waiting for the doors to open he attempted to adjust his gun, that's when it went off! Well it didn't just go off, it was negligently discharged.

The video shows officer Jouett removing his firearm from it's holster, then trying to put it in his coat pocket. Why? Well we have no ideal, maybe he was uncomfortable and wanted to move his gun before getting into the car. Since there's really no such thing as an accidental discharge, guns don't just go off all by themselves. This was a negligent discharge pure and simple and luckily the damages and injuries weren't more severe.

It's another example of "Primary Safety" failure. Meaning his finger, or "Primary Safety" was on the trigger or he was handling the gun improperly and his clothing got caught within the trigger guard. Either way poor gun handling caused the discharge. He's okay and only suffered minor injuries and his wife wasn't hit.

This is how quickly things can go wrong when you aren't paying attention and why it's so important to always follow proper safety procedures when handling a firearm. When holstering you never allow your finger or any item to enter the trigger guard. It happens, and if it can happen to a police officer it can happen to anyone so be careful and practice safe gun handling skills at all times. You might not be as lucky as officer Darryl Jouett.