It's been right at four years since marijuana became legal to grow, possess, and consume in Oklahoma for "medicinal" purposes, but the law isn't as clear as the state border would suggest.

I stumbled across a legal question over on Reddit a week or so ago. Someone was asking for advice on how to fight a ticket they received for possession of marijuana in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, and the rabbit hole it became should be common knowledge.

First and foremost, if you have your medical marijuana license, you are free to smoke your sticky-icky anywhere smoking tobacco is allowed. Additionally, you're allowed to gobble down your medical edibles anywhere you please... but that only applies to the places in Oklahoma that belong to Oklahoma.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge isn't the property of Oklahoma... It's federal property. As such, federal law supersedes state law. Since marijuana in any form is still prohibited by federal law, it is illegal to possess and/or consume it in our local wildlife refuge.

If you are caught with Mary Jane in inside the fences, the fines get very steep very fast. Here's the current schedule of fines for possession.

Possession of any amount of marijuana in the Wichita Mountains is a misdemeanor, but it carries a fine of $1000 and a possibility of up to a year in jail for your first offense.

Your second offense remains a misdemeanor that will cost you $2500, the (unlikely) possibility of two years in jail, but also a mandatory minimum of 15 days in jail.

For any additional possession offenses in the mountains, that misdemeanor will likely become a felony. The fine sharply rises to $5000 with an (unlikely) possibility of three years in jail, but the mandatory minimum jail time becomes 90 days.

Additionally, if you sell or grow cannabis in the Wichita Mountains, the fine becomes $250,000 plus five years in prison.

As more and more people flock to the mountains during the summer, if you're a "patient," try to keep in mind that even having it in your vehicle is illegal, even if you're not using it. Don't get caught ridin' dirty.

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