The internet is a gold mine. I've said that a million times over the years. YouTube is no different, even though Google's draconian and ever changing rules make it hard to find little nuggets like this, it's still possible. I don't even know how or why it popped up in my suggestions, but it did, and the longer I watched it, the funnier it became.

Do you know what a yee-yee is? Apparently, that's what city folk are calling people of the red-neck variety now. Worse yet, city slickers that have never been to Oklahoma think everyone lives in double-wide trailers... Which if you've ever been to OKC to tour the modern double-wides, they're luxurious these days. Huge master baths, big bedrooms, big living areas, open floor plans... You can bet I'll have one of those when I finally buy my acreage yo escape Lawton's never-changing idiotic elected politicians. All in all, there was something in the content I didn't know... The big Windstar Casino in Thackerville being the second biggest casino in the world? That's pretty interesting.

I'm sure this YouTuber suffers from the same geological syndrome we all suffer from. Big city East and West Coast people call Oklahoma "flyover territory" just as casually as any native Okie refers to those places like Commiefornia and Liberal Yankee Land. I guess it's probably because we all don't travel like this country used to. Load the family up in the car, take off for some different place to see the sights. All most people know is what the TV tells them.... "Visit Chicago for the culture, stay here because you got murdered..." I know that sounds made up, but I've heard that in casual conversation trying to plan a vacation before. If anything, it really shines a light on how impressionable people remain long after those formative years have past and how much you can't trust the news media on either side of the political spectrum.

All the same, I probably wouldn't live in Mid-Del either. Been there, saw that, got the shrapnel wound as a souvenir.

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