This week has been interesting, to say the least, for winter weather in Oklahoma. Some areas have received enough ice or sleet to cause slick roads, others, like us here in Southwest Oklahoma, have only received bitterly cold temperatures without much precipitation.

So if you're traveling across Oklahoma this week, it's best to be extra cautious and pay attention to the road while you're driving. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has posted on Facebook numerous accidents and tickets they've written this week because there have either been accidents that could've been avoided or they interfered before an accident was caused by driver negligence.

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Yesterday (Jan. 31), the Oklahoma Highway Patrol posted a Facebook video of a semi truck losing control after crossing a bridge on I-40 a mile east of Vian in Sequoyah County. As we all know, bridges are often more slick than the roads, so it's advised to use extra, extra caution when crossing bridges during a winter storm. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, "the semi driver was ticketed for traveling at a speed not reasonable and proper for the road conditions."

Luckily the driver and no one else on the road were harmed. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said "the barrier did its job and probably saved some lives." They also reminded drivers to take it slow during a winter storm because "the posted speed limit is for ideal conditions, not slick and hazardous."

Never text and drive! Especially during a winter storm.

By now it should be engrained in our brains not to text and drive, just like you shouldn't drink and drive or click it or ticket. But alas, some people still do text and drive. You see it while driving through town or on the highway!

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled a driver over because they were texting while driving, while passing the patrol car, AND while it was actively sleeting. The highway patrolman that pulled them over definitely saved their life along with the lives of other drivers.

So if you have to drive during this winter storm, be alert and pay attention to the road! Also, before you venture out, check the road conditions and make sure your car is prepped with a full tank of gas and other essential items. Also, check out our tips below on how to drive in snow and ice.

Basic Driving Tips For Snow & Ice

While you would assume that these are common knowledge, you'd be surprised how many people haven't lived in a place where they would learn these skills.

The Frozen Wichita Mountains

When Southwest Oklahoma gets a rare blizzard with serious snowfall, the mountains take on a fresh and stunning look. It's something we all get to experience thanks to the video and camera work of a few awesome locals with a stellar YouTube channel, The Pemberton Boys. They flew their drones and explored the mountains across SWOK while the views were grand, putting it online for everyone to enjoy.

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