One more compelling reason to attend Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour, apart from Mother Monster's over-the-top theatrics, impressive live vocals and larger-than-life stage show? You might just unexpectedly be selected as fashion's newest darling while flailing around to the sound of "Dance In The Dark." (Please make sure it's on the setlist if you're reading this, Stefani.)

It happened to Skylar Tartz, a Colorado-bred Little Monster-turned-high fashion model, who was scouted while dancing to "Poker Face" on Gaga's Born This Way Tour. (She was "only around 12," she tells Vogue — so yes, we're all old.)

Tartz then went on to walk in her first fashion show last year for — prepare for another pop connection! — none other than Victoria Beckham. She's since booked several more runway shows at this week's NYFW, including Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Check out Vogue for more details on Skylar's arrival to the runway.

Remember to slip into your comfiest 12-inch heels and most unwieldy haute couture before sauntering down to the nearest arena near you this summer: Mother Monster, and the fashion industry, is watching.

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