Who knew that we were all too busy infighting and having political differences that nobody realized the Oklahoma State Legislature was working to replace the famous 1943 Broadway classic "Oklahoma." I guess, if you think about how ferociously people have been attacking each other over something as stupid and trivial as national politics, it is understandable nobody saw this coming.

I'm sure there will be a mass outcry about this since, well, the wind does sweeping down the plains, but I'll be honest with you, it does fit a whole lot better to the state, especially this time of year. Give it a listen.

If your speakers don't work, no worries. The powers that be will be playing it periodically at noon one day a week over the cities loudspeaker system. Nobody is going to miss the opportunity to hear it.

If you didn't know, and even I'll admit, why would you... Oklahoma doesn't just have one official state song, it has four. They're just broken up along very shallow lines of discrepancy as to not have one knock another with the official titles. Everyone knows that "Oklahoma" is the "official state song" of Oklahoma, but did you know that there's an official state waltz, folk song, and childrens song too? Yeah. Our highly paid state legislatures have historically had so much free time on their hands, we have four state songs to cover all the bases, and they all have the name of our state in common.

The official state waltz is "Oklahoma Wind," the official state folk song is "Oklahoma Hills," and the official state childrens song is "Oklahoma, My Native Land." Fun facts aside, I hope you get the joke and don't have that urge to go Karening to my boss about a harmless bit of satire.

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