Even though Oklahoma public schools often rank near the bottom of the list across the country, our higher education outlets fare much better.

The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Tulsa, and OKC University all rank in the America Top 200... but the Sooner State is also home to one of the lowest-ranked colleges in the nation.

Bacone College is the oldest university in Oklahoma, founded in 1880 as Indian University by Baptist missionaries and served as a higher learning institution for a student body majority of Native Americans throughout its history.

Why is it ranked so low?

According to the rankings, Bacone College is ranked among America's worst colleges based on two metrics.

Even though the college accepts 50% of applicants, the graduation rate is a paltry 15%. The cherry on top is graduate pay. The average graduate who completes a degree at Bacone is expected to make less than a $35,000 salary six years after graduation.


That's not the only trouble for Bacone...

While Bacone is still a private university, it's about to change hands due to a court order on unpaid bills.

Bacone hired an HVAC company out of Utah recently to improve the campus, but since the college apparently doesn't have the money to pay the company, Midgley-Huber Energy Concepts has won a judgment to have the school auctioned off to settle the $1.6 million debt.

This year's long debacle will conclude with an auction on Thursday, December 14th, 2023.


What does this mean for Bacone College?

There really is no telling what will happen to Bacone or its current 100-ish student body.

The school has been asking for funds from Oklahoma tribes for a few years with no result, but that doesn't mean it's the end for the Sooner State's oldest university. Perhaps this foreclosure and auction could bring about a new start for the failed institution.

Only time will tell.

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