'Cold Justice,' a reality procedural drama that follows crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary and Prosecutor Kelly Siegler. The show follows these two women as they assist small town law enforcement in cold cases.

The season two opener brings McClary and Siegler to the neighboring town of Altus, OK.

The case McClary and Siegler were called to assist involves the disappearance of a woman named Tracy Lynn Allen. According to the case synopsis on TNT's website - Tracy disappeared on May 2001. She was in a volatile marriage with Garland Allen and then divorced. The two remained in close contact for their two daughters.

On the evening of Tracy's disappearance, Garland went to her neighbor's house to pick up their children. He told the neighbor that Tracy went to his house and sent him to pick up the girls. After Garland picked them up, he took the girls to his mother's house where he told her that Tracy ran away and left the kids. Garland surrendered custody of their daughters to his mother a few days later and left town.

The case was solved last month where McClary and Siegler found Garland to be guilty of 2nd degree murder. The season premiere episode will show the evidence and the investigation that helped solve the 13 year old missing persons case.

Since 'Cold Justice' aired in September 2013, the cases that have been reopened have resulted in one guilty plea and three indictments for murder.

The episode titled 'Gone' will air on Friday, Jan 17th at 8/7c., on TNT.