Last week the Tulsa Zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, welcomed a new baby giraffe! The zoo's four-year-old giraffe, Zoe, gave birth to the little one during the last week of July, and both mom and baby are doing well.

Check out the video below of the baby giraffe being born!

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I recently welcomed a new grandbaby to the world, just a little before the baby giraffe was born, so I'm in baby heaven! There's nothing I love more than family, so it's always a blessing when you're family keeps growing.

Townsquare Media Lawton, Jeri Anderson
Townsquare Media Lawton, Jeri Anderson

Baby Giraffe Born at Tulsa Zoo

Newborn babies are absolutely darling, and so are newborn giraffes! You're so used to looking up high to see a giraffe, so when you have to look down to see a baby giraffe, it just makes your heart swell from cuteness overload.

Watch as the baby giraffe is born.

Now, having a baby is not pretty for humans or animals. But the Tulsa Zoo had everything on display for people to see the birth of the baby giraffe. They even put together a video for those who weren't able to watch it in person. It may be a little gross, but it's the miracle of life!

Oklahomans can see the Tulsa Zoo's baby giraffe when they visit the zoo. I think we can all agree that the baby giraffe is one the cutest animals we've ever seen!

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