Back in the day when I was in high school, I remember our school counselor pleading with our hard-headed selves to begin applying for these scholarships as soon as our Junior year - the earlier the better. In many cases, students don't take this advice seriously.

Unfortunately, if you're waiting until now to start applying, you've missed the mark. According to, "Springtime actually tends to be one of the more popular seasons for scholarship deadlines, and they can happen anywhere between January and May." However, you should still use these resources to start planning now for the fall or following year


But, if you're a parent trying to help them or a student putting in the work now, these are great choices for all types of students. I'll even include some advice to find other sources of financial assistance from places you may not have thought of before.

Oklahoma's Promise

Canva/Oklahoma Promise Website
Canva/Oklahoma Promise Website

As of 2020, there were 6,500 foster children in Oklahoma's custody, with an additional 450 "waiting on loving homes," according to KOCO. If you're a dedicated student with relatively good grades and big plans for yourself coming from a less fortunate household, you need to apply for this scholarship.

It's very important you apply before your Junior year. This is open to any student below a certain income threshold - special provisions are included for "children adopted from certain court-ordered custody and children in the custody of court-appointed legal guardians."

For those still in foster care, consider the Oklahoma's Independent Living Act which can actually waive tuiton fees altogether. This is specifically for students who were in Oklahoma's custody "for nine months between the ages of 16 and 18."

Another option is Oklahoma's Youth with Promise; unfortunately for the 2024 year, it is closed. But for those graduating in 2025, mark your calendars now. The window for applying for this scholarship is small, so don't procrastinate. For those "at the time of graduation, have been in DHS custody foster care system or have aged out."

Oklahoma Academic Scholarship

Canva/College Start Website
Canva/College Start Website

If there's any reason to care about your test scores, let this scholarship opportunity be one. Not only does the state cover the cost of your room and board, they also cover tuition, fees for books and more for up to eight semesters. In return for the assistance, however, they have high expectations for recipients.

"Oklahoma students can automatically qualify for the program by achieving designation as a National Merit Scholar, National Merit Finalist or United States Presidential Scholar or by scoring at or above the 99.5 percentile on the ACT or SAT."

- OK College Start

Although that is a sure-fire way to get the scholarship, there are other means of making it possible. Two specific requirements are:

  • For fall 2024, the ACT required score is a total sum score of the ACT skill areas of 137.
  • For fall 2024, the SAT required score is a total sum score of the critical reading and math skill areas of 1530.

Remember: hard work pays off. For students not yet graduating, it would be worth considering using this opportunity as a goal to work towards when starting the next school year.

Lawton Rangers Women's Auxillary

Canva/Lawton Rangers Women's Auxilliary Facebook
Canva/Lawton Rangers Women's Auxilliary Facebook

When it comes to specific groups and organizations, often there is a lot of competition for general scholarships. For students still in their younger years, get involved in something you're passionate about in your community. The more ways you can stand out from the crowd, the better the chance you have to receiving something like this scholarship. Unfortunately, it has closed for the 2024 year, but will open again in the fall for the following school year.

For recipients to receive an extra $500 per semester from the Lawton Rangers Auxilliary, they need to:

  • Live within 50 miles of Lawton, Oklahoma (except for Texas students)
  • Be a high school senior or a college/university student with at least 1 semester remaining
  • Attend/Will attend a College, University, Vocational Schools, Trade Schools & Goodwill

Applicants will be required to write a 250 word essay about "how will this scholarship benefit you and/or your family." Many scholarships require an essay or some form of acknowledgement, so don't shy away from the work.

Other Ideas for Financial Aid

If you're involved in your community or in a sport, hobby, or practice, there is almost certainly a scholarship associated with whatever it is. Reach out your organization's leadership and see what options they have. For many groups like the American Legion, Women's Auxillary, Masonic Lodges, and others, they want the opportunity to support students that come from a proud military lineage or hardworking heritage.

Canva/Jimmy Jack Foundation Website
Canva/Jimmy Jack Foundation Website

For those like myself who love music, there are organizations such as the Jimmy Jack Foundation based out of Snyder, Oklahoma that have scholarships and much more to offer for those chasing the dream.

For history lovers, I discovered a competitve opportunity to receive help from the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Many large-scale, successful businesses like the Hall of Fame often try to give back to their community by offering grants or assistance.

If you come from a less fortunate living situation, it's worth talking to your local church personel. Although they may not be able to offer financial assistance directly, they often know many, many people from your community and can put in a good word for you, or even write a recommendation for an application.

Overall, students should get involved, find a passion and use the things in life that may have held them down (i.e. poverty, foster care, minority, hardships, etc.) to push themselves farther ahead. Good luck and congratulations to everyone graduating this spring!

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