Bluestem Falls - Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Canva/Kaysea Barless Facebook
Canva/Kaysea Barless Facebook

It's beautiful and has been known to have "waters that thunder" like Victoria Falls and it's completely free. Bluestem falls is actually not a naturally occurring waterfall, but is still worth a visit. Getting to the falls might be a tad tricky if you're relying solely on GPS, but, luckily, writer Stephanie Craig gave perfect directions to the parking lot and waterfalls here.

Turner Falls - Davis, Oklahoma

Canva/Turner Falls Park Facebook
Canva/Turner Falls Park Facebook

There isn't a list of waterfalls or attractions in Oklahoma that doesn't include Turner Falls, and for good reason. The Turner Falls Park is the oldest in the state, also holding the title of the largest waterfall in Oklahoma.

Typically, the park hosts an array of perfect spring and summertime fun with swimming just below the falls, ziplines, and ways to explore the rest of the 1500 acre property. However, due to the recent storms and floods, some things are currently closed, such as swimming. But as they clean and repair, things will continue to open back as usual.

Post Oak Falls - Indiahoma, Oklahoma

For those who love to find hidden gems, this waterfall is perfect for nearly any level of hiker to find.

@danicarsonmusic Post Oak Falls - actually a second trip with @Trinity Julin and it was even more beautiful after being blessed with rain! Highly fecommend more early mornings like these! ❤️ #mountains#hiking#explore#outdoors#active#wichitamountains#wildlife#refuge#buffalo#bison#longhorn#bull#oklahoma#wichitamountainswildliferefuge#wichitamountainsok♬ Paradise - Coldplay
Although it is not one of the larger falls, it is still quite the sight for any nature lover out there. The best way to find it would be following the trail on the All Trails App, or allow a local Oklahoman to lead the way. 

Panther Falls and Little Niagra - Sulphur, Oklahoma

After the recent tornado that leveled many parts of Sulphur, things are taking time to get back to normal. These waterfalls and many other attractions are still being worked on and visitors should check with the city for updates on areas that are open.

Natural Falls State Park - Colcord, Oklahoma 

Canva/Nathan DeCocq Facebook
Canva/Nathan DeCocq Facebook

If you've seen the classic movie "Where the Red Fern Grows," you've actually seen this park, as the movie was filmed at Natural Falls. This 77-foot gorgeous waterfall takes your breath away no matter how you view it. But, thanks to the railed observation platform above it and at the foot of it, you'll get to enjoy the up close and personal version of the falls.

Many believe Oklahoma is only full of rolling hills and flat scenery, but if you explore deeper into the state, you'll realize just how much more there is to offer.

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