Last night I had the privilege of eating dinner at my new neighbor's house across the street. They served up bratwurst in the most unique and delicious way, basically out of the casing, flattened like a patty. It was awesome, but that's a recipe for something or other we'll talk about later.

When I walked over just after dark, shorts and t-shirt's were the standard everyone was sporting. Grilling out back, not a chill in the air, a nice relatively comfortable evening stacked up for us.

A few hours of eating and conversing later, when I stepped out to walk back across the street, the winds were howling and there was a definite chill in the air. Winter is finally coming.

Even people who enjoy the warmer seasons in Southwest Oklahoma have to admit, the temperate warm fall has lingered on for a very long time in 2021. I can only think of one other year it was this warm for this long.

2014 or 2015, it was the last hurrah for that big drought we had and I remember mowing the lawn before leaving town for Christmas. It was a rental home so it was mostly weeds growing, but still, I mowed on December 22nd.

It seems the weather has behaved each year since then for the most part. A yearly trend of cool Septembers, colorful Halloweens, and cold Thanksgivings. 2020 went a little off the rails early with that record early freak ice storm that killed millions of trees across this half of the state, but even so, it was nice to get that early chill in.

Here we are now, December 6th, and just now experiencing the cold for the first real time this year. I know we've had a freezing overnight low once or twice, but it always gave way to a beautiful 75-degree day.

That ain't in the cards for today.

All the same, I've still got a few xmas presents to make over the next three weeks and could really use some warm temps to make that shop-work more comfortable.

Looking at the forecast, we all know the cold isn't here to stay just yet, but time will tell if it remains accurate or not.

Whatever transpires weather-wise, I think we can all agree nobody wants that early February summer again. 90-degrees is too hot for another February.

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