When it comes to telling your far-away friends and family about Oklahoma, it's hard not to mention there's a regularity to how redneck and rural this state can be. Some see it as backwoods and unbecoming of a modern citizen while others see it as the number one reason to become a part of the citizenry here.

Here are the ten most redneck towns in Oklahoma according to one guy on YouTube.

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    Described as being "3 beers South of Oklahoma City," Purcell's claim to redneck fame is having the fourth most places to get fishing gear, the fifth highest amount of Walmarts per capita, and the second most trailer parks in the entire state. Which I don't think should be thought of as redneck, have you looked at mobile homes lately? They're over $150k... but Purcell is planned to be home to the first double-wide trailer park in the nation with 100% underground utilities and plumbing.

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    These seems like it may be shooting fish in a barrel, but Durant is a shockingly cool little town along the Texas border. If you've ever been to Lake Texoma, you've been though Durant. Would you call it backwoods redneck?

    Durant ranks ninth in gun stores, seventh for fishing and bait, but only has a 77% high school graduation rate according to the 2016 video.

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    Years ago, Oklahoma City was ranked as the third most redneck big city in America. Tulsa was on that list too, but it's hard to peer out across that concrete jungle and assume every poser in skinny jeans and unscuffed boots have earned a redneck title. On the other hand, Yukon is a standout earning its place on this list.

    Ranking in the Oklahoma top five for number of Walmarts, trailer parks, and Waffle House's per capita... but don't let the statistics fool you. Yukon is one of the most highly educated and affluent places to live in this state. So, rednecks with paychecks might be the better way to slather it on.

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    If you get lost good enough in Oklahoma, odds are you'll discover Hugo. Ironically deserving of a redneck label even though it was settled by the French. Located a stones throw from the Texas border, you might start to see a pattern here.

    Hugo's claim to redneck fame is having the highest number of dollar stores and Walmarts per capita in the state. In which case even you have to admit is pretty convenient.

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    The further we get down this list, the more I'm starting to agree with it. Have you ever been to Catoosa, OK? It is the definition of hard working, blue-collar America. Featuring the largest inland seaport in the country and some seriously heavy industry, Catoosa fills jobs with people that wear out their boots on a regular schedule.

    On the other hand, Catoosa earned their spot in this video for having the most trailer parks within their border than any other place in the state.

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    This may be the first higher education locale on this list, but if you've seen enough college towns, they're all pretty redneck with the exception of Norman and Edmond. Even Stillwater is puritanically redneck in all its orange glory, and they like it that way.

    Ada earned a spot on this list for having a few Walmarts, sure... but the real stars are having the ninth most bars and third most tobacco product shops per capita in the whole state. Add in the six different western wear stores inside their city limits, it's only natural Ada makes the top five.

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    Midwest City

    I'm sure this will be a hard one to swallow, but Midwest City is shockingly redneck. Sure they have a few nice shopping centers along I-40, but off the beaten path, it might as well be a ghost town. People live there still, it just looks super run down behind the trendy storefronts.

    Midwest City ranks fourth in the state for bars and dollar stores, but also rank fifth for places to grab a can of dip. It's also the place where I first discovered Whataburger, and if that ain't redneck, what is?

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    Can you see the pattern yet? East of I-35 in SEOK, there's a little town called Madill. Famed for being a stock-up place for any Oklahoman headed towards Texoma, which somehow is the metric to as why they've landed at the number three most redneck spot in Oklahoma. It's another one of those places that's sort of "If you've been, you already know." Pickup trucks and beat up boats as far as you can see, but they have something even Lawton doesn't have... an old historic brick downtown.

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    Remaining in Eastern Oklahoma, McAlester is the second most redneck place in the state. Famed for being ranked in the top ten for smoke shops, dollar stores, gun shops, and pawn shops.

    If you pulled this list up on a map, you'd see that the addition of McAlester completes an almost perfect Redneck Triangle on that side of the state. That's methed up. Add in the 1-in-4 people in McAlester weren't able to complete high school, and it has to make you think "Who landed at number one?"

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    Pauls Valley

    Located just South of the OKC metro, Pauls Valley was once thought of as the next addition to said metro. Luckily, the rednecks stayed true and have managed to keep it uniquely on the rural side. That's not to say it's rural. If you drive the area up or down I-35, there's lots of stuff along that stretch of highway... but just like Midwest City, you get off the beaten path, expect a shotgun to point you back the way you came.

    Paul's Valley tops this list ranked number one for smoke shops, number two for places to get fishing gear, and a solid number two for gun shops... but the thing that concretes them in as the number one redneck town in Oklahoma is the annual Paul's Valley Okie Noodling Festival. It's where you catch giant catfish by hand. Google that sometime, it's also a trip.

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