After a few weeks of talking about Thanksgiving with so many people--coworkers, friends, acquaintances, workplace associates, etc--It would amaze you at how many different Thanksgiving traditions exist.

Honestly, even though so many families across the Sooner State celebrate this holiday with traditional similarities, there are probably an equal amount that do it a little differently.

That's what inspired this quiz. Not only to get an idea of what the modern Thanksgiving is like in Oklahoma but to possibly inspire a new tradition to start next year.

You've seen a million of these on social media over the years. Scroll through the list, add up your numbers, highest score wins.

The Oklahoma Thanksgiving Dish Quiz - High Score Wins

Look at all of the different dishes below, keep track of your score, and the high score wins. How wild is your Thanksgiving tradition?

Gallery Credit: Kelso

How high did you score? Tell us here

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Oklahoma's Weirdest Thanksgiving Foods

There is no shortage of weird Thanksgiving traditions around the Sooner State. Even my own family celebrates in our own unique way. Half of us hate turkey, and the others hate ham. Mom hates to spend days cooking for a 20-minute meal, and we all get tired of the leftovers. Instead, we have either a taco fiesta or a Chef Boyardee pizza kit party. Nobody complains.

We're not the only family with a weird Thanksgiving tradition, just take a look at these shockingly common Oklahoma TG dishes. It's amazing what the cooks come up with. The list is heavy on gelatin and jello molds, if anything it'd be worth trying at least one this year. They range from mild to wild, best of luck to you.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Top 10 Snobbiest Towns & Cities in Oklahoma

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not calling these places snobby, the internet is. A recent report by identified 10 of the snobbiest towns and cities in Oklahoma. The methodology behind the study used median household incomes, the percentage of the population with college educations, and median home prices in determining just how snobby a town or city is. Most would agree with the results below. Unless you live in one of these places, then you may disagree. Also, keep in mind this list was all done in good fun. Sure there's some truth to the findings but like most places, you'll find both good and bad. Keep scrolling to check out Oklahoma's top 10 snobbiest towns and cities to see if your hometown made the list.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

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