There's a celebration for watermelons, pickles, peaches, blackberries and now strawberries. This weekend is the first celebration of the Strawberry Festival happening at the Orr Family Farm in Oklahoma City. The fun begins Saturday, May 11 and comes back the following Saturday, May 18, 2024. Visitors will need to purchase tickets to participate for some activities.

Although visitors won't be able to pick the strawberries themselves, the Orr Family has taken the time to do the work for everyone and will be serving fresh strawberries during the festival. They will also have strawberry themed treats that I've already been searching on Tik Tok how to make - and even those searches don't look as tantilizing.

Along with fantastic food, the farm will also have rides like the massive mega slide, barnyard activities like pony rides, chicken shows, hay mountain and many more. There are activities for the littlest of kids all the way up to the grown adults.

The Orr Family has a long history of farming and veterinary care starting from right here in Oklahoma. After Dr. Glenn Orr, the man who started it all, started a veterinary practice in Iowa, life brought him and his family back to Muskogee, Oklahoma and eventually they settled in Oklahoma City. Dr. Orr and his family wanted to bring a safe and positive experience for children and families to learn about animals and farm life.

Their farm truly changed after an infamous EF5 tornado destroyed the farm on May 20, 2013. Afterwards, "volunteers, community leaders, donors and construction crews" helped rebuild the farm so that they could open again in the fall of that year.

This year, they are celebrating even more than another successful year since the tornado - some sweet ol' strawberries!

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