We all know that you aren't supposed to fish in Oklahoma without a fishing license, or that certain fish are supposed to be released back into the water when out-of-season. However, how good are you at spotting if you're on private or public land?

According to the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Oklahoma has 46 ponds and lakes in the state that are open to the public. These are agreed-upon areas for the public by local munipalities. But what about areas that are not ponds or lakes - what about public bridges, for example?

Canva/Screenshot of The Lawless Tide Youtube
Canva/Screenshot of The Lawless Tide Youtube

One of the most important parts of identifying private land are "do not trespass" signs or any kind of marking of ownership. You won't see signage usually over most bridges - which should mean that it's public property, right? Not necessarily.

Some creeks and rivers do run through private property in Oklahoma, like in the case of June 16, 2021 in Grady County.

"It is not illegal to fish in Oklahoma's streams and rivers, but you must have landowners permission beforehand."

-Mark Murray, Department of Wildlife Conservation

Many times, the county or state will discuss with property whether or not they can build a bridge over the running water on their property - still making it private land.

It is just as important to remember that there are places in Oklahoma that are still off-limits to trespassing without signage. The best way to avoid this issue altogether is to stick to public areas listed with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Or, if there is a spot you're really interested in, call your local county authorities and ask who owns the land in question.

It never hurts to ask, but it definitely hurts to assume. Play it safe and hopefully catch a few.

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