So here's a weird story from the back pages of bored statisticians. In a nationwide poll through an app called Clover, females from Oklahoma were named the second least attractive women in the nation, and OKC women in particular were named least attractive in the nation. Sounds like a pretty schmarmy thing to say, judging people by their looks and all, but that's not the whole story. Sure, the attractiveness ratings were based on the direct results of members rating other members on average, but while the women were figuratively rolled over the coals, the men of Oklahoma scored in the six of America's most attractive men. Weird how that works out isn't it?

If you dive deeper into the study, I don't think it's an accurate representation of attractiveness in Oklahoma or even the nation. If you look at the top "Most Attractive" cities in terms of attractive females, the view gets a little more clear. New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami - AKA - places where childless people flock to make a living based on their good looks and big educations, ultimately aiming to remain overall childless. The metrics are skewed. Those attractive cities aren't filled with good looking people native to those cities. Don't get me wrong, every city and state in America is filled with good looking people. America is just an attractive country... but attractive people that think they can strike it big in their chosen medium of art or accomplished level of business seek out those huge population centers for two things... Money and other attractive people.

Ironically, the exact same study lists Oklahoma as having the second best looking men in America, and it's not the Affliction shirts and bedazzled skinny jeans earning the lustful gaze. We're an overall rural type state and women love what other industrial and business states consider to be "cowboys." Jeans and plain tees type guys.

I wouldn't look to deep into a list like this. There are attractive people everywhere, and to be honest, the most attractive women aren't the prettiest people in the world. They're the kindest, humble, friendly, and wholesome. Guys might want to take a California girl to bed, but they'd rather take an Oklahoma girl home to meet mom. Who's the clear winner there?

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