Earlier this week, I told you about the epic Oklahoma road trip that would take you to all of the Twister movie filming locations, but I also learned something new about Oklahoma's favorite film... there's a museum dedicated to the history, story, and making of that movie.

Located on Main Street in a town nobody knew actually existed, the Twister Museum is pure mid-90's Oklahollywood nostalgia! Featuring several of the vehicles from the film, tons of actual props like a working model Dorothy data pack, and tons of little-known detail and information about the film.

Here's a tid-bit... Did you know, after Twister came out, the number of students jumping into meteorology jumped 200% across the nation? Having made Oklahoma famous again for its weather, it's no wonder the National Weather Service was originally headquartered in Oklahoma City. It has since moved to New Mexico, but still has a massive datacenter in Norman - home of the most prestigious school of weather in the nation at the University of Oklahoma...

I was originally going to keep hush hush on the Twister Museum until after I made my pilgrimage up there next month, but as topics are a little slow on a Thursday and my contract is explicit on my requirement to provide Oklahoma local content to the app and website everyday, today is the day you get to learn about this interesting place. With a family birthday coming up in a few weeks up in Northern Oklahoma, I have a plan to force my nephews into watching this movie with me, then we'll make the hour drive over to see the museum in person. I'm just kind of hoping they still have those commemorative engraved debris bricks for sale at a reasonable price. I'd like to put one in the garden.

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