Two Oklahomans recently combined two of the best summer activities - swimming and drive-in movies. We all know it's HOT, but the scorching temperatures didn't stop two Oklahomans from enjoying a dip in the pool and catching a flick at one of Oklahoma's historic drive-in movie theaters.

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In the summer, we've seen all kinds of combinations of swimming and movies. We've had big blow up screens in the middle of a lake, and we've seen projection screens on fences in front of the pool. But I've never seen a pool at the drive-in movie theater, especially in the back of a truck bed.

Tee Pee Drive-In in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, recently posted on its Facebook page some Oklahoma ingenuity to beat the heat. They've seen it all when it comes to getting comfortable for a movie at the drive-in theater. They've had air mattresses, reclining lawn chairs, a full set of patio and now a truck pool!

How cool is that! It looks like they took a big tarp, secured it to the truck bed and started filling it up with water. I love that they brought a beach ball! I'd definitely be in there with my floaty from my pool. We've got plenty more hot days ahead of us this summer, so I'm looking forward to seeing more Oklahoma ingenuity to keep cool and have fun.

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