Although Oklahoma doesn't host a nation-wide "chicken calling" contest every year like Iowa, there are still a few unique celebrations with history that happen almost all year long. The next time you and the family are looking for something new to learn, here are a few creative suggestions.

Calf Fry - Stillwater, Oklahoma 

Canva - Calf Fry Festival Facebook
Canva/Calf Fry Festival Facebook

Every year, Stillwater, Oklahoma celebrations cowboy traditions and western living by hosting one of the most well-known festivals in the state, the Calf Fry. "Calf fries" are bull testicles that are deep fried delicacies in Oklahoma, known for raising cattle. These days, the festival is more about the live music, including a battle of the bands contest. This year's festival is happening May 2-4.

Sucker Day - Wetumka, Oklahoma 

Canva - Sucker Day Facebook
Canva/Sucker Day Facebook

Hosted every year on September 30, Wetumka Oklahoma continues to celebrate a day in the town's history when the people were "suckered" by a scammer posing as a circus director. Although information about this year's festival has not yet been released, follow the event on Facebook to receive information as soon as it's available.

Cow Chip Throwing - Beaver, Oklahoma


Oklahoma, also known as the national cow-chip throwing capital, will be celebrating the sport once again in Beaver, Oklahoma. For more information, read about our special write-up about the event and its history here. The 2024 Cow Chip Throwing Contest and Celebration with be August 19 -24.

Footloose Festival - Elmore City, Oklahoma

Canva/Footloose Fest Facebook
Canva/Footloose Fest Facebook

For the dancers and history lovers, the Footloose Festival happens in the very town that inspired the classic film. Elmore City will have classic cars, lawn-mower races and an enormous street dance and more happening April 20, 2024.

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